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We provide solutions to institutions and industries to diagnose and resolve their analytical needs. Our pioneering products are made in India for the Indian market since our inception in 1984. 

Industries we serve



We widely serve the Pharma market, especially those firms that focus on drugs research, analysis and manufacturing. Our Gas Chromatographs and Titrators test input raw materials, analyse solvents and are used in QC along with Accessories and Columns. 

Image by Hans Reniers


Within the Chemical sector, we serve all types of organic chemical industry with our Gas Chromatographs for input raw materials and finished products analyses. The Petrochemical companies use our Gas Chromatograph for the analysis of petrochemical composition. 

Recording Science Class

Education & Research

Our long standing association with the likes of IISc., Bangalore, IITs & BITS give us a wide presence in Research & Education. These institutions use our products for a wide variety of applications ranging from On-Line Catalysis monitoring to Chemical Synthesis Processes.



Within the Energy sector, we serve companies who generate electricity along with institutions that research and offer testing facilities for the sector. One of the critical elements during power generation is the maintenance of transformers. Transformer oil is hygroscopic in nature and the determination of moisture content in this transformer oil is highly critical to ensure efficient operations.

Environment Pollution


Pollution monitoring of gaseous components is a requirement in manufacturing areas. Our Gas Chromatograph (Model 1100, Model Auto and Model BGA) have been used to monitor solvent vapour in paint industry, toxic gas emission in mine areas, especially coal mines and biogas analysis in sugar industries and cogeneration plants. Our Oxygen monitors indicate indoor air quality in laboratories.

Canned Food

Food Manufacturing

The versatile application of titration within the food manufacturing industry allows for the wide use of our Titrators within food manufacturing. To determine the amount of moisture content in finished products such as biscuits and to analyse the quantity of reducible sugars in food including fruit, the Auto Titrator HP 77 and Auto Karl Fisher Titrator are hugely popular. Our Nitrogen generators are used for packaging.

Our Clients

We serve a diverse set of clients not just with our products but also through our technical expertise. We believe we are not only as good as our products, but better. This means that our clients approach us to first discuss their analytical needs or troubleshoot their technical issues. We aim to provide solutions to help our clients succeed in their endeavours. The solutions may lead to our products, which then speak for themselves.

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