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 Computer controlled Auto Titrator

Titration is one of the oldest and most used analytical technique and can be used for aqueous (samples soluble in water) or non-aqueous (samples soluble in organic solvents) samples. Titration has vast industrial and research applications, given its versatility in analyses of input and output material, assay (purity), moisture estimation, TAN (Total Acid Number) and TBA (Total Base Number) analysis etc. 


We, at Mayura Analytical LLP, have mastered the technique of titration since 1991. Our first launch was an Auto Potentiometric Titrator with 0.001 ml resolution, a first of its kind in India produced by a local manufacturing company. We quickly followed this up with our Microprocessor Karl Fischer Titrator for Moisture Estimation with 0.001 ml resolution in 1987. From then on, we have continuously improved our titration techniques to make Titrators part of our core portfolio. Today, we offer three models. The Auto Titrator Model HP 77 is a complete titration equipment for potentiometric titration for both aqueous solutions with acid base and non-aqueous solutions with 21CFR Part II compliance with software and hardware validation. The Auto Karl Fisher Titrator Model KF II is a widely accepted equipment for moisture estimation in high percentages to very low percentages.  Auto Silver Titrator is a bespoke equipment built to serve the silver industry for silver assay estimation.


A wide range of users from a number of industries use our Auto Titrators. A selection is listed below.

Anthem Biosciences Private Limited                             Anglo-French Drugs and Industries Limited

MICO India (Bosch)                                                       Karnataka Soaps and Detergents

Caterpillar India                                                              National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)

Apotex Research Private Limited                                   Mysore Power Testing Centre

Micro Labs Limited                                                        Strides Arcolab Limited

Advinus Therapeutics Limited (a TATA Enterprise)      Anglo-French Drugs and Industries Limited

Remidex Pharma Private Limited                                   Britannia Industries Limited

Indian Institute of Science (IISC)                                   Central Power Research Institute (C.P.R.I)

Chemmanur Jewellers                                                     Hikal Limited

Prakash Masala Co. Private Limited                               Al Ameen College of Pharmacy

Quality Assay & Hallmarking Centre                             Encee Aromatics Private Limited

VPL Chemicals  Private Limited                                    Shaan Energy

To download product catalogue and full specifications, please click here

KF Titrator (1).png

Auto Karl Fisher Titrator Model KF II

The Mayura Analytical Auto Karl Fisher Titrator Model KF II is widely accepted equipment for moisture estimation in high percentages to very low percentages. We have analysed moisture contents in samples with low moisture content such as epoxy resin, araldite, non-polar solvents like methylene dichloride, hexane to samples with high moisture contents such as honey, milk and sucrose. Our equipment is probably the first to conceive the idea of weighing samples of this sticky, non-transferrable nature from few grams to few milligrams and implement this in a very easy manner. We have supplied this Model KF II to very reputed customers in India. This highly economical and standalone titrator is very user friendly and requires no computer for operations. With an 80 column dot matrix printer, it is a real workhorse at a number of industries that use the equipment around the clock.

With the KF II, a resolution of 1μl or 0.001ml can be easily achieved, which is 100 times more resolved than the glass type KF titrator. In comparison to the above costs, significant cost savings can be achieved by using our Auto KF Titrator over an extended period of time. Download our views on how we achieve this saving ((link to pdf in the zip file with name: Cost savings achieved with Auto Karl Fisher Titrator). 

Key features

In order to support these applications, the KF-II comes with a range of features to make analysis simpler and accurate.

  • Automatic dead end point

  • Memory storage for results (data files) and methods used

  • Automatic FILL, TITRATE and RINSE mode for reagent saving

  • Water content from PPM to 100%.

  • 1 μl dosing and measuring

  • Automatic calculations of results

  • Reprocessing of data from memory

  • Results in PPM, mg or 100% units

  • LCD alphanumeric display 

  • Alphabetical and numerical keyboard

  • Printout of results and methods


To download product catalogue and full specifications, please click here

Silver Titrator.png

Auto Silver Titrator

We serve the silver industry with our Auto Silver Titrator for silver assay estimation. Silver assayers, jewellers and hallmarking laboratories use this particular equipment as part of their testing and validation process. Using our equipment, the analysis time is reduced significantly compared to manual process. Also, the process automation provides unbiased computer validated results. 


Key features:


In order to support this application, the Auto Silver Titrator comes with a range of features to make analysis simpler and accurate.


  • Hardware validation with computer printouts

  • Software validation with computer printouts

  • Administrator login password

  • User passwords to hold data integrity

  • Audit trail to follow any data correction

  • Graphic potentiogram printout

  • First derivative of Potentiograms for easy observation of end point

  • Multiple end point titration with auto stop for each end point 

  • Report printout with average of up to 5 trials

  • Future addition of statistical interpretation

  • Burette calibration, correction of dosed volume (a unique feature) and burette correction 

To download product catalogue and full specifications, please click here

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