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Portable High Resolution GC Model PHR I

The Portable High Resolution GC Model PHR I is a unique piece of equipment, which is a proprietary development of Mayura Analytical. This high resolution fully portable GC Model PHR I weighs around 6kgs and comes with a built-in FID detector. It runs unattended and comes with an in-built Auto Sampler and Auto Column Switch mechanism, which is programmable through a microcontroller-supported keyboard with an LCD display unit. With a mini laptop, analyses are done on the go.

Sample applications:

Given its unique compact structure with built in auto sampler, this GC has a variety of applications such as analysis of alcohol and petrochemicals at varies points of manufacturing and distribution to ensure consistency in quality. Liquor analysis at 1500 C in a portable GC for adulteration detection in the market has been conducted using this GC. 


Environmental agencies and research institutes find this GC very useful, especially to monitor waste burning fumes, toxic gas emission in mine areas, effluent analysis etc. 

Key Features:

  • Dual column oven with multiple detectors

  • Auto gas sampler for packed and capillary columns

  • On-Line process monitoring

  • Built in programmable temperature controller


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