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 On-Line Gas Analysis GC Model Auto

Gas analysis is quite inconvenient in sample handling. Volume reproducibility is the real issue for the complication, followed by the difficulty in correctly interpreting the results. Complex gas mixtures of H2, CO, CO2 with O2 and N2 is challenging. Mayura Analytical GC Model Auto has solved this issue by incorporating constant temperature gas sampling valves at the input stage. Adding on the Auto / Manual column switching has ensured that the customer benefits from accuracy and ease of conducting the analysis using our On-Line GC. This GC can be used with the Auto Head Space Analyser (HSA) and High Purity Gas Generators (Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air).


Sample applications

Pollution monitoring of gaseous components is a requirement in manufacturing areas. Our Gas Chromatograph Model Auto (along with Model 1100 and Model PBGA I) has been used to monitor solvent vapour in paint industry, toxic gas emission in mine areas, especially coal mines and biogas analysis in sugar industries and cogeneration plants. 


Key features:

  • Gas Chromatograph with a second oven with capillary and packed column

  • Methanator 

  • Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) and Flame Ionisation Detector (FID) in tandem

  • Built in auto gas sampler and auto column switching

  • Simultaneous gas sampling to packed column and capillary column 


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