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High purity Gas generators

Gases such as Nitrogen, Hydrogen etc. are prerequisites for any Gas Chromatography system. Cylinders are usually used for GC systems. However, using cylinders does not usually prove to be the easiest solution. Cylinders are prone to leaks, which in the case of Nitrogen may only mean loss of gas and money but in the case of Hydrogen is extremely hazardous given its explosive nature. Cylinders are also not easy to move around given their weight. Although the gas supplier provides the user with a gas certificate, users seldom check the actual purity themselves. Given the type of analysis being conducted, impurities in the gas cylinder create additional analytical issues. 

Gas generators on the other hand easily resolve the issues posed by cylinders. Gas production is instantaneous, which means that there is no storage within the generator itself. This not only saves power but completely eliminates any associated gas leakage risk. Given their small footprint, these generators are very easy to move around. Generators come with inbuilt leak detection. The digital flow display helps detect any leakage or abnormalities in the Generator or the connecting pipe or the Gas Chromatography systems. This special feature is not available with most suppliers and therefore, makes the Mayura Analytical High Purity Generators, a special equipment. If a disparity in flow is observed between the GC and the display pressure, the generator can be immediately turned off to check for any leaks. Another very important safety parameter is that our Hydrogen Generator for example, has a built in leakage sensor. Any internal leak will shut off the power to the Generator and a buzzer will start to beep continuously to draw user attention.

Gas generators provide the highest purity possible. For example, the Hydrogen Generator provides purity greater 99.9995%. This purity is tested and certified in-house using the Mayura Analytical Gas Chromatograph. The moisture content is below 5 PPM level, thereby providing very dry gas. 

At Mayura Analytical LLP, we make high purity Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air Gas Generators. We have supplied these widely to a number of industries, in particular to Pharma and Research Laboratories, of which a few are listed here. 


BIOCON Limited                                                               Syngene International Limited

R.L. Fine Chem                                                                 Central Power Research Institute

GE India Technology Centre Private Limited                    Agrosynth Chemicals

Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilisers                                    Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy

Arpitha Aromatics                                                               Symrise Private Limited

Acoris Research Limited                                                     Ray Chemicals Private Limited

Jain University                                                                     And many other resellers

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