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Trusted Among Industry Leaders

We serve a diverse set of clients not just with our products but also through our technical expertise. We believe we are not only as good as our products, but better. This means that our clients approach us to first discuss their analytical needs or troubleshoot their technical issues. We aim to provide solutions to help our clients succeed in their endeavours. The solutions may lead to our products, which then speak for themselves.

Who we are

In 1984, from the garage of his home, Dr. V. Raghavendra started Mayura Enterprises with Rs. 1 as starting capital to manufacture credible import substitutes of analytical equipments to match international standards. The company, now Mayura Analytical LLP has organically grown from its humble beginnings to cater to a large number of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Education and Research, Energy, and Chemical and Environment. Forerunners in “Made in India” Gas Chromatography and Titrators, we have expanded our product offerings to serve the Indian market with locally produced equipment in Bangalore, Karnataka. Unparalleled in India in specification of equipment, application in analyses, accuracy of results and efficiency of operations, we provide solutions to users at Indian cost with equipment that can withstand Indian conditions. Our equipment have been tested to the limit when measuring gas composition at 8 different coal mines at the Singarini Colleries Ltd., Telengana at 500C ambient temperature or running dissolved gas analyses in transformer oil in the mountains of Bhutan at sub-zero temperatures at Chukka Hydroelectric project, Bhutan. 

Often, our equipment compete with American or German import alternatives but provide the same or better results with a personalised, high touch service model at a reduced purchase and operating costs. We believe that we are at least as good as our products and therefore, we are committed to building a trusting relationship with our clients. Our customers usually describe the problem or the analyses they are trying to conduct, leaving the methodology, process and equipment needed for us to resolve. We believe in constantly evolving our equipment to meet user requirements but our approach stands steadfast in providing solution focussed advice and consultation. 

As recognised suppliers of analytical equipment to the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, All India), preeminent research and technology institutions of India as well as large chemical industries such as BIOCON, we have cemented our standing in the market with our cutting edge expertise.

Dr. V. Raghavendra

Dr. V. Raghavendra is the founder of Mayura Analytical LLP. Raghavendra is a practical physicist by training, having obtained his MSc. in Physics from Manasa Gangotri, Mysore University and a PhD in Spectrascopy, Physics from UDCT, Bombay University (now known as Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai). Post his PhD., he joined National Physical Laboratory as scientist on solar energy material characterisation and carbon fiber preparation. He went on to head the Analytical Chemistry department at Amar Dye Chem, Mumbai followed by a similar post at Standard Alkali, Mafatlals, Mumbai. His fascination for Chemistry Instrumentation led him to lead Waters Associates, (now known as Waters India Private Limited) as their All India Manager, providing Liquid Chromatography solutions to companies and institutions across the country. Witnessing firsthand the lack of credible indigenous alternative for analytical equipments in India, he quit Waters in 1984 and started Mayura Enterprises to focus on building a brand that offered reliable import substitutes that could match international standards, at a local cost. Thus, the journey of creating ‘Made in India’ products for companies and institutions in India started. Raghavendra evolved the firm from its nascent beginnings in the garage of his home to a renowned organization that provides analytical solutions for research and manufacturing companies and institutions across the country. The firm later evolved to Mayura Analytical Pvt. Ltd. and then, taking its latest form as Mayura Analytical LLP.  Raghavendra calls himself a retired scientist with a passion for innovation and problem solving. This has allowed him to build associations with clients that transcend the transactional relationships to building partnerships that provide analytical support and advice to clients to help them first and foremost succeed in their endeavours

What We Offer

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We widely serve the Pharma market, especially those firms that focus on drugs research, analysis and manufacturing. These firms primarily use Gas Chromatographs and Titrators in testing input raw materials, analysing solvents and assuring the quality of output product. 

Our Gas Chromatographs are regularly used for Volatile Organic Impurities analysis in formulations and bulk drug, which are export mandatory. This is also known as Residual Solvent Analysis for which our Gas Chromatograph Model 1100 is used in combination with our Head Space Auto Sampler (HSA). 

The Mayura Analytical Auto Titrator HP 77 is used extensively while analysing Antibiotics, Sulpha drugs etc. to evaluate the assay. The HP 77 is also used for the estimation of metal ions by EDTA titrations. It is used in effluent treatment in plants and monitoring of pollutants such as Chloride, Bromide, Iodide and Cyanide from trace PPM to %. Auto Karl Fisher Titrator is used for moisture estimation in input raw materials and finished products. 


Education & Research

Our long standing association with the likes of IISc., Bangalore and IITs have given us a wide presence within educational institutions and research centres. These institutions use our products for a wide variety of applications ranging from On-Line Catalysis monitoring to Chemical Synthesis Processes. Our Gas Chromatograph with Auto Sampler for catalysis and on-line process monitoring are the most wanted equipment in these institutions.


Our other Gas Chromatographs also find their use in environmental evaluation and biogas analyses within the Chemical, Environmental and Civil engineering departments of Engineering colleges. Pharmacy colleges regularly employ our Auto Titrator HP 77 and Auto Karl Fisher Titrator for formulation research as part of their curriculum. 


Within the Chemical sector, we serve all types of organic chemical industry with our Gas Chromatographs for input raw materials and finished products analyses. The Petrochemical companies use our Gas Chromatograph for the analysis of petrochemical composition. 

Our Auto Titrators are widely used for the analysis of acidity and the estimation of moisture. Inorganic chemical industries use our Titrators to find the assay (purity) of input raw materials and finished products. We serve the silver industry with our Auto Silver Titrator for silver assay and refinery.


Pollution monitoring of gaseous components is a requirement in manufacturing areas. Our Gas Chromatograph (Model 1100, Model Auto and Model BGA) have been used to monitor solvent vapour in paint industry, toxic gas emission in mine areas, especially coal mines and biogas analysis in sugar industries and cogeneration plants. 

Effective effluent analysis and treatment is done using the Auto Titrator HP 77 for COD and BOD analysis in industries such as engineering industries, pharmaceutical industries and in any major manufacturing locations

Food, Beverage and Fragrances

The versatile application of titration within the food manufacturing industry allows for the wide use of our Titrators within food manufacturing. To determine the amount of moisture content in finished products such as biscuits and to analyse the quantity of reducible sugars in food including fruit, the Auto Titrator HP 77 and Auto Karl Fisher Titrator are hugely popular. Edible oil analysis to ensure the integrity of raw materials and finished products is commonly done using our Gas Chromatograph.


Beverage industry

Within the beverage industry, the Gas Chromatograph has a wide ranging application. We currently serve distilleries and wineries that require this equipment for their research and testing purposes. Our Gas Chromatograph is used by large distilleries to perform product evaluation and to conduct quality assurance of alcohol. Liquor analysis to ensure the quality of ethanol is performed to determine impurities as low as 10 PPM. Some of these distilleries have, in parallel, also opted for our Portable Gas Chromatograph, which is transported to various bottling and distribution centres to test adulteration onsite, producing immediate results.

The Auto Titrator HP 77 is used by the industry to evaluate the acidity in alcohol with the Auto Karl Fisher Titrator being used for the estimation of moisture in ethanol for petrol blending.

Fragrances and natural product industry

The Gas Chromatograph holds an important place within the fragrance and natural product industry (essential oils and extracts). Our Gas Chromatograph is used extensively to determine the amount of active ingredients in raw materials and finished products, a crucial analysis to determine potency and pricing. 

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