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Head Space Auto Sampler Model HSA II

Model HSA-II is a Microcontroller based Head Space Auto Gas Sampler. It is a standalone unit and attachable to any Gas Chromatograph with minor modifications. This equipment is extremely useful in testing samples that cannot be directly injected into the GC for testing. For example, solvents in resin like samples, trapped solvents in tablets, different notes in perfumes and fragrances cannot be directly injected into the GC as it would block the syringe or injection ports. In such cases, the sample is taken in separate vials, heated in order to release the solvents into gaseous form which is then, injected into the GC automatically. 


The Head Space Auto Sampler Model HSA II is a unique design developed in-house that allows auto injection of samples that cannot be directly injected into the GC given the nature of the sample being tested. The equipment is programmed with the required method and temperature. The HSA II then takes over the complete analytical operations. It will inject the sample automatically into the GC and starts the Data Station to acquire data. A total of 10 vials can be placed at any point of time in the circular tray. The analyses of all 10 samples can be conducted in the absence of an operator or with the exchange of analysed vials with new vials a single routine can perform up to 99 samples. Speed is an important consideration. When testing multiple samples, the HSA II provides a quick and efficient way to analyse samples in a pre-determined method. 


Sample applications:

In Pharmaceutical, the HSA is useful in quality assurance to test the composition of drugs of many samples in a quick and efficient manner with little human interaction or detecting trace components down to PPM level in sample like tablets for solvents.


In the Food and Fragrance industry,  the HSA II is used for testing flowers for fragrances, wrappers of food packing for carcenogen, etc.



  • Compatible with any make of Gas Chromatographs

  • Microcontroller with built in memory to store different methods

  • Auto sampler starts the Data Station automatically

  • Programmable for a single cycle operation of 10 samples or interchangeable 99 samples. 

  • Motorised gas sampling valve, which can be fixed with interchangeable sample loops from 100µl to 5000µl to match the required Pharmacopeal method.

  • Temperature can be set from ambient to 100°C

  • Circular sample holder for 20mL crimped vials

  • Temperature of transfer line can be changed. 


Select users:


A wide range of customers use our Head Space Auto Sampler. To list a few of these users from the recent years:


Resonance Laboratories Limited

Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore Private Limited

Vidya Herbs

Al Ameen College of Pharmacy

PJ Margo


To download product catalogue and full specifications, please click here 

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