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Portable Biogas Analyser Model PBGA I

The Model PBGA I is a portable lightweight GC for On Line processing of high concentrations of biogas compositions with built-in auto sampler. This portable GC has also been used for the testing of Biogas and effluent discharge. The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (I.I.Sc.) has greatly benefited from the Model PBGA I and has been successful as a result of our techniques and unique design. 


Sample applications:

This portable GC is mainly used in biogas generation plants, biogas analysis in sugar industries and cogeneration plants. 


Key features:

  • Auto gas injection and column switching in one portable equipment

  • Detection with FID (Flame Ionisation Detector) and TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector)

  • Digital display with 0.1 PSI resolution

  • Biogas composition detection of PPM to %


To download product catalogue, please click here 

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