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Gas Analysis for Online Catalysis or Online Process Monitoring Multi Dimensional GC Model 2100

A built-in Auto Sampler and Auto Column Switch make the Mayura Analytical GC Model 2100 a rare equipment for such chemical processes. A totally novel concept designed with two column ovens with one for gas sample analysis at or near ambient temperatures and the other is a high-resolution capillary column oven working at temperatures of up to 4000C. This GC comes with multi-detectors in tandem for gas analysis of permanent gases, light hydrocarbons and oxides of carbon. The simultaneous gas analyses by packed columns and liquids / solid analysis by capillary multiplies the utility of the GC. This is a very special GC with simultaneous gas and liquid analysis.


This GC has been well tested for effectiveness and efficiency over the years by the process industry. Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc.) in particular, have enjoyed unattended overnight operation of catalysis and reactor (gaseous) samples in following the dynamics of reactions. This GC can be used with the Head Space Auto Sampler (HSA) and High Purity Gas Generators (Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Zero Air).


Sample applications:

This GC is primarily used in research for catalysis and gas reaction monitoring. Some institutions were keen to analyse gases and liquids in chemical reactions, which are existing in tandem. This poses great difficulty in the analyses of gases because of the liquid present. If the liquid enters the column, it will not be eluted under normal temperature conditions, making the analysis impossible. We helped these institutions circumvent the issue by adopting our Auto Sampler within our Gas Chromatograph Model 2100, which removes liquid from gases allowing for separate gas and liquid analysis. 


Key features:

  • Gas or Liquid analysis in one GC

  • Auto Sampler for gas and liquid vapour

  • On-Line injection

  • Both capillary and packed column analysis at one time for very complex gaseous samples with organic low volatiles


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