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Temperature Programmed Desorption

TPD (also known as TDS or TPR) involves heating a sample while contained in a vacuum and simultaneously detecting the residual gas in the vacuum by means of a mass analyser. As the temperature rises, certain absorbed species will have enough energy to escape and will be detected as a rise in pressure for a certain mass. The TPD unit is used in the Thermal Characterisation of Catalysts (TPD) and for monitoring of on-site Temperature Programmed Reactions (TPR). 


The Mayura Analytical TPD unit is the first of its kind that is wholly manufactured in India. It is a highly efficient and economical model at a fraction of the cost of its nearest competitor. With a large temperature range of up to 10000C, our TPD unit is sought after by many research institutions. 


Sample applications:

  • Used in Thermal characterization of catalyst (TPD)

  • On-site Temperature Programmed Reactions (TPR)



  • Built-in Direction control of input gas (carrier) and sample gas

  • Pulsed (fixed volume) adsorption of known volume until saturation, and 

  • Six port sampling valve to control the input sample gas volume for quantitation.

  • Continuous sample loading until saturation

  • Computer Controlled / Programmable furnace

  • Temperature Range   : Ambient to 800°C

  • Extendable to 1000°C

  • Temperature Ramping from 1°C/min. to 10°C/min.

  • Very low dead volume

  • Quartz catalyst tubing for non-reactive surface

  • Four filament Thermal Conductivity Detector

  • Flow In-Out reference cell for compensation

  • Amplification unit for signal output monitoring

  • Data Acquisition unit for desorption curve recording and data interpretation

  • Carrier gas control with pressure regulator and pressure gauge

  • Sample gas control with pressure regulator, gauge and flow control valve

To download product catalogue and full specifications, please click here

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