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Ultrasonic Baths

Ultrasonic baths or cleaners are one of the most versatile equipment used across the spectrum of industries for cleaning or mixing purposes. They come in the shape of baths or probe type, depending on usage needs.

Ultrasonic waves are the term used to describe waves that have a frequency above the audible range of humans. When high intensity ultrasound is applied to a liquid, the observed result is the creation of millions of tiny bubbles (or cavities) in the liquid. These so called cavities are produced by the alternating high and low pressure waves created by high frequency (ultrasonic) sound. During the low pressure phase, these bubbles grow from microscopic size until, during the high pressure phase, they are compressed and implode. This process is known as cavitation. When this occurs at the interface of the parts to be cleaned, the surface of the parts given the relative lack of compressibility of the cleaning fluid experiences a local impact, thus, cleaning the instruments in the process. 

Ultrasonic cleaners come in the form of baths, which range from 4 litres to 500 litres or in the form of a probe type sonicator, which are used to disperse solids or liquids in a medium. The probe type sonicators typically come with capacity of 100ml for dispersion. Both these types of sonicators are custom built to suit user requirements. 


Sample applications

Pharma industry uses these cleaners extensively during their manufacturing process. We have supplied baths up to 500 litre capacity to Biocon Limited, which are 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide to clean their manufacturing parts. 

Manufacturing industry requires these baths to clean their finished products.

In hospitals, sonicators are used to clean medical instruments by placing them in a custom built ultrasonic cleaner or a sonicator. A mesh tray is immersed with the instruments in a bath filled with water or cleaning liquid and the ultrasonic vibrations to provide the highest quality of cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner is the surest way of ensuring all stains are completely removed from the instruments with a dual benefit of extending the life of the instruments by reducing the risk of rusting or staining

Key features:

  • Micro controller based digital timer with two digit LED display 0-99 minutes with user controlled ON/OFF keys

  • Automatic frequency tuning for maximum output

  • Digital temperature controller with three digit LED display

  • Multimode operation (Pulsed, Sequenced etc.)

  • Temperature range from ambient to 60°C

  • Built in heater, mounted on the sides

  • Robust tank materials of SS 304 grade

  • Tank Dimension – Built to requirement from 3 litres to 500 litres capacity with required dimensions

  • Probe type sonicator based on user requirement


Our Ultrasonic baths are used by a wide range of customers in multiple industries of which, a few are listed below.

Biocon Limited                                                         Indian Institute of Science

Arpitha Aromatics                                                     Aurigine Discovery Technologies Limited

Ramakrishna Hospitals                                              Novozymes South Asia Private Limited

Strides Arcolab Limited                                             NIMHANS                                                            

Higher Pharmatech Private Limited                           Hermes Laboratories Private Limited

Wexford Labaoratories Private Limited                     Global Calcium Private Limited

Jagadale Scientific Research Foundation                    Kumar Organic Products Private Limited

To download product catalogue and full specifications, please click here

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